03. Design & Digital Presence

Commerzialisation, design and digital presence

We will start by overhauling your brand book ensuring it is aligned with traits and attributes from your organization, brand, stakeholders, services, and products. We will incorporate modern values such as environmental consciousness, digital, sustainable and other global relevant trends. After that, we will update and modernize your digital presence aligning it with your updated profile, added values, and newly identified traits and attributes. Making sure your company profile reflects your company. All material will be produced so that third parties have the necessary specifications and expectations for any form for a corporation.   

Everything we do for and with a client is firmly founded in the present research and customer experience. We will not spend time to upgrade or re-do anything that meets our strict requirements. Which is why we in most cases end up updating your different digital presence instead of building it from scratch. When we re-do your digital presence we will incorporate the latest available marketing and sales technology, we are working with.

International research

The matrices we use in our delivery are largely self-developed, but the methods they are developed from are always grounded in international research and are upgraded 1-2 times a year in consultation with clients and prospects. The technology used is similarly from reputable third party suppliers such as, but not limited to, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Insightly, Freshsales, Pipedrive, and TicTok, among others.

There is no international standard such as ISO, veritas or any other, that we can apply for or comply with regarding our matrices, algorithms or models. So to ensure trustworthiness and credibility to our processes and solutions we have decided that everything we do or develop has to originate in A level research. The same goes for our data gathering. Any data used or utilized in developing our services, matrices, algorithms or models must be gathered in accordance with established scientific methods 

Consumer economics and behavior in the B2C and B2B markets are constantly evolving, so any assessment, service development or upgrade in design and digital presence has a limited lifespan. We recommend all our clients to redo the service design and digital presence every 24 to 36 months unless there is a major change in the industry who triggers the need for an immediate response. Assessment and market development has a one-off cost of € 6 500,- and upwards depending on the size of the organization.


Any company associated with LFCG will have access to any updates in our models, metrics, algorithms, and research. We will upgrade all our services twice each year thus providing our associates with detailed information on what has been done, anticipated effect, recommendations on any new technology to implement and educational videos and instruction if needed on what and how.